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Make the Whole Room Your Canvas and Inspire Creativity

Inspire Remote

Worker Creativity

Empower remote workers to be as creative and expressive as in-office colleagues. Give them the tools to have their voice heard.

Give your team the headspace to be their most creative with immersive wellbeing experiences. Step back and recharge creativity.

Back up your creative concepts with data. Laduma provides a better way to share what’s important, so you can easily justify every idea, delivering the insights and information you use need to support your meeting objectives.

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Creative Services


Our all-in-one Meetings-as-a-Service solutions help you to recapture the water-cooler effect in hybrid and digital environments:

  • Design Review – Bring up multiple design iterations for review side-by-side for easy review – either on the wall or multiple devices.
  • Design Sprints – Transform walls into whiteboards and make the whole room your canvas for project sprints and creative design.
  • Hybrid Brainstorms – Collaborate from anywhere using interactive displays, touchscreen devices, or even the walls!
  • Graphic Design – Bring the full Adobe Suite and specialist tools seamlessly into meetings and work on new designs collaboratively.
  • Video Production – Storyboard entire projects as a team virtually. As your project progresses, share and review video as a team in real time.

Make the Whole Room your Canvas

Use infinite digital whiteboards to sketch out your creations digitally and capture them in the cloud.

Make the whole room your 360-degree canvas for design thinking. Build wireframes or drawings on one wall, map customer journeys on another.

Wipe the slate clean when you are done and then instantly recall them days later, either in the office or at home, to pick up right where you left off.

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Use Laduma’s infinite digital whiteboards to scribe, sketch and design your best ideas and turn a brainwave into a breakthrough.
Wellbeing Spaces
with Immersive Landsapes
Provide calm and stress free spaces for staff to recharge with Laduma’s immersive nature experiences.


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