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Communication vs Collaboration

Breaking Down the Critical Differences

Communication & Collaboration

Often Confused Cousins

A common pitfall in the implementation of hybrid working strategies is the confusion of communication with collaboration.

It is a simple mistake to make. After all, they are similar processes, that are at the same time critically different.

Collaboration is about co-creation, not just communication.

True collaboration is when people come together to build and critique things in real time. It is much more than just being able to effectively communicate, it needs to be able to support people when they are required to create and build.

Face-to-face, the difference can go unnoticed. A meeting conversation can seamlessly transition into a collaborative brainstorm on a nearby whiteboard.

In the technology world the difference is pronounced.

Whilst video conferencing tools can be helpful for communicating content and knowledge, collaboration requires different, specialist features. Ones that allow you to build, create and critique work effectively.


Empowering People to Collaborate

Unlocking the Potential of Existing Technology

There is no silver bullet for solving the collaboration conundrum of the Hybrid Workspace.

It is not one tool alone that will provide the answer to effective Hybrid Working, but the right combination of multiple tools, optimised to a company’s own specifications and working styles.

This begins with a thorough technology audit. You may have many of the collaboration tools you need to support your hybrid work strategy already. Many tools do one or two things extremely well. And if your people are already using them happily, why start again from scratch?

The strongest foundation for your hybrid workspace will come from unlocking the full potential of these existing assets.

The Ideal Solution

Solving the problem of collaboration and creativity in the Hybrid Workspace hinges on the ability to merge your physical and digital spaces. In this, technology has a critical role to play.

For the best results, you should seek to enhance and augment – not rip and replace – existing investments. Supercharge those existing assets you already have that are working well for you and your people.

The ideal solution is one which brings these assets together in a single, synchronised environment which is fine-tuned for collaboration.

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