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Strategic Management

Immersive Meeting Environments for 360-Degree Strategic Thinking

Take Hold of the Big Picture

Robust business plans demand 360-degree thinking.

Our turnkey meeting solutions integrate seamlessly with your applications, systems and an effectively limitless number of devices to give you the visibility you need to make sense of your strategy.

Leverage existing investments and meeting room infrastructure to transform empty meeting spaces into fully functional command centers for strategic planning at the click of a button.

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Strategic Management


Our Meetings-as-a-Service solutions are designed to help you build better by bringing the right information and the right people together in one virtual space:

  • Strategic Planning – Bring your key stakeholders together along with the data you need to build out your business strategy.
  • War Rooms – Instantly redeploy meeting spaces as immersive digitally enabled command centres for crisis management.
  • Business Intelligence – Review multiple reports, proposals and dashboards in parallel on any device or display for peak situational awareness.
  • Town Halls – Empower leaders to broadcast key announcements from immersive 360-degree spaces for optimal employee engagement.
  • Remote Meetings – Use multiple devices to ensure you can interact and engage with important meeting content wherever you are.

See everything in one Place

Laduma immersive spaces provide an interactive 360-degree virtual canvas for you to build the big picture. Build better by bringing the right information and the right people together in one virtual space.

Transform physical wall spaces into fully immersive environments. Reference data across multiple departments, datapoints, competitors and customer segments all on one full wall display. Analyse, brainstorm and plan. Plot your progress and save it.

Recall your plans at the click of a button from anywhere and never lose sight of the big picture.

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