Experience the meeting and collaboration platform of tomorrow.

Immersive Digital Canvas Delivers Infinite Presentation Space

360º digital and interactive projection walls ultimately transform your meeting room experience. Interact with any software application and any format, in the room or remotely, all at once. Present in a way you’ve never been able before on the super wide canvas.

Visual Collaboration Beyond
Digital Whiteboards

Free yourself from a computer screen and work in a more natural way, in every meeting you attend. Work on the walls as if they were whiteboards, leaving no physical trace. Remote workers can write and draw on the walls using stylus-enabled mobile devices.

Synchronous Ideas Sharing

With Laduma, anyone can contribute, share and work simultaneously in the meeting. There’s no need to hand over controls, hosting or sharing pivileges. Experience meetings where you work as if you’re standing next to each other.

All-in Applications Dashboard and Workflow Logic.

View a limitless number of applications and software on the walls at the same time. Add information, mark or highlight any text, images and video. Work done in the meeting is automatically streamed into corresponding applications and software. You can capture and distribute text and images from the whiteboard – in a PDF – to all the meeting participants after the meeting.

Room Memory

Any department, team or individual can create a dedicated and persistent Laduma room. The digital whiteboard and virtual post-it notes are saved automatically and will be recreated when a room session restarts.

Room Mirroring

Connect your Laduma room with rooms in other offices to create a seamless meeting experience. Displayed content is mirrored instantly between rooms and whiteboard notes appear in real-time as they are created.

User Profiles And Insights

Create a unique room profile that allows you to view past meetings and analyze any meeting participants’ activities. You can also allow read-only access to your rooms to anyone outside of your organization.

Security And Privacy-By-Design

All data is fully encrypted, at rest and in transit and stored in Microsoft Azure. Federated user authorization and authentication enables customers to deploy its own dedicated user controls including two factor-authentication.

Round-The-Clock Support

Customers have access to email and phone support in their local time zone and guaranteed 99.95% uptime SLA. Laduma’s Customer Success Managers oversee on-site deployment and provide training to all the users.

The most natural way of working for the post-COVID world is almost here!


Laduma is coming to a room near you in December 2020.
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