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Remote Worker Engagement

Discover Better Ways of Bringing People Together

Keep Your Remote Workers Engaged

There is no telling where the next great idea will come from. For your workplace to flourish, home and remote workers cannot become the second class citizens of the hybrid workplace.

Creating a democratic workspace – where remote workers can communicate and collaborate on level footing with office-based colleagues – is critical to successful ideation and innovation.

Empower remote workers with a voice that is heard. Whether they are a junior or an executive, ensure that everyone can have their say.

Amplify Every Voice

Wherever they are

Laduma helps to keep your people engaged in interactive meeting experiences, wherever they are.

Work naturally, do more, and share more – wielding your laptop, phone and tablet simultaneously in meetings to harness the power of unlimited screen real estate.

In the office, full wall video feeds give your remote colleagues an in-room presence that cannot be ignored, delivering a more engaging remote worker experience.

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