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Mixing Psychology With Technology

Hybrid Working is here to stay. All the statistics point to organisations retaining flexible working and moving to a hybrid workplace model for the long term.

Organisations have been quick to tactically adapt to new ways of flexible working. But beneath this veneer of progress the foundations for a long-term hybrid workplace strategy is unstable.

Hybrid working is more than just providing people with the opportunity to work from home 2 days a week. It requires nuanced thinking and infrastructure. Mission-critical processes such as collaboration, creativity and innovation which rely on human interaction must be recreated.

A solution for true hybrid working must meld psychology with technology…

Enhance what you already have

Why start from scratch when you already have the tools you need?

What is required for hybrid working is not the wholesale replacement of tools and technology. In many organisations the tools already exist. What is required is an environment where hybrid teams can work with them together – irrespective of location – just as they would in the office.

Laduma integrates with Microsoft Teams to empower your people to bring the specialist tools they need into meetings to support their objectives – even those outside of the Microsoft stack.

Using tried-and-tested applications makes your hybrid meetings more intuitive and natural, as you don’t have to relearn an entire system, ultimately improving time-to-value.

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Transform Your Hybrid Meetings

Laduma meeting solutions transform Microsoft Teams into a multi-dimensional platform for hybrid working.

Bring in documents, whiteboards, data or applications – whatever you need to succeed.

In the office, our digitally enabled spaces help people to break free from laptop screens. Work on projects as a group using the tools you need – either projected full-wall or on interactive displays.

From home, our multi-device capabilities provide better remote work experiences. Wield multiple devices or displays to visualise meeting content whilst using touchscreen devices for freehand brainstorms.

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