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Product Development

People-Powered Meetings for People-Powered Product Design

Where People Come Together Innovation Begins

Human interaction is the spark behind every great innovation. Cross-functional collaboration is critical to new product success.

At Laduma, we transform physical spaces into digitally integrated virtual environments for seamless collaboration and design irrespective of location.

Our Meeting-as-a-Service solutions provide you with a single, secure and synchronised platform that connects you to the people, data and ideas you need to make your product a success.


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Product Development


Our all-in-one solutions provide a better way of bringing hybrid teams together, for better, more inspired product development:

  • Product War Rooms – Make the whole room your canvas and map out customer journeys and product road maps for full visibility.
  • Product Management – Bring all the documents, data and specialist tools you need into meetings to gauge product performance.
  • Review Product Designs – Review multiple product designs, specifications and CAD drawings in parallel on any device or display.
  • Better Field Experiences – Empower field engineers with multi-device meeting experiences for better access to support and resources.
  • Cross-functional Collaboration – Use any device – or even the walls – to engage with product stakeholders from other sites or departments.

Easily bring your Ideas to Life

Transform your four walls into your canvas on which to create your vision.

Layout your project roadmap and map every stage of your journey to keep track of where you are at.

Share wireframes. Display CAD drawings; project plans and specifications, all in one place. Hold design sprints and map out the customer journey.

Adapt your room environment to fit the precise needs of your current project. Seamlessly patch in colleagues directly via videoconferencing and work on your project together.

For creative thinking, instantly deploy whiteboards on to interactive displays – or even the walls themselves! Brainstorm and critique ideas to your heart’s content with peace of mind.

After every session, instantly wipe the room clean, ensuring that all of your ideas remain safe and secure until you recall them at the next meeting.

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