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Unlock the potential of your existing conference and collaboration tools, by seeing all of your Microsoft Teams activity in one place, and managing projects without having to constantly switch back and forth between applications.

Overcome the limitations of existing solutions by experiencing a richer, more engaging meeting experience where teams can come together logistically to see the data and insights they need to drive a project forward – using infinite 360 wall displays and multi document native sharing capabilities to see the big picture and eliminate duplicated efforts.

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Project Management


Our all-in-one solutions empower you to achieve project management that is truly agile with multi-dimensional hybrid meeting experiences:

  • Project War Rooms – Make the whole room your canvas and map out your projects on full-wall interactive displays for more effective management.
  • Digital Kanban Boards – Build out digital project boards to that can be accessed from anywhere to keep your team in sync and on schedule.
  • More Engaging Meetings – Leverage multiple devices and full wall video to deliver more engaging project meetings.
  • Project Documentation – Share and review on all your relevant project documents simultaneously in meetings to ensure everything is on track.
  • Remote Working – Use multiple devices to stay connected and up-to-date with project documents and developments at home or on the move.

Your Project Command Center

Maintain a holistic view of projects, customer journeys and team calendars. Our multi-device sharing capabilities make it easy to have a view of what’s important, and our integration with Microsoft Teams allows you to see all of your workflows and schedules in one place.

Put projects on track and optimise efficiency. Access meetings and project canvases on the go using any combination of devices to keep cross-functional teams connected.

Share documents, notes and meeting recordings with external clients with ease. Create engaging and interactive digital experiences that create transparent and enduring customer relationships.

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Easily deliver more insightful and informative meetings by seamlessly bringing the data, content, information and systems you need to support your meeting objectives.
Immersive Rooms
More Dynamic meetings
Our all-in-one turnkey immersive room solution make it easy for teams to deliver better meeting experiences without the challenges of bringing different technology and providers together.


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