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Easily Review Multiple Case Files in One Place

Digital Meetings

Designed in Partnership with Law Firms. For Law Firms.

For Partners, Associates and Dispersed Teams alike, we provide the platform for frictionless collaboration using your favourite devices, applications or specialist tools.

  • Brainstorm the same virtual space simultaneously.
  • Review and annotate documents in synchronisation.
  • Intuitively deliver engaging remote interactions.

Supercharge Microsoft Teams and leverage existing technology to manage meetings, notes, documents and reminders in one central hub.

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Legal Sector


For Partners, Associates and Dispersed Teams alike, we provide the platform for frictionless hybrid meeting experiences:

  • Interactive Meetings – Improve associate management and remote colleague wellbeing with more human, more engaging digital interactions.
  • Strategic Planning – Bring together partners and senior management wherever they are and align strategy on a shared digital canvas.
  • Legal Document Review – Share any number of documents or files simultaneously and review them securely in parallel.
  • Town Halls – Empower partners to broadcast announcements from immersive 360-degree spaces for optimal engagement.
  • Home Working – Ensure remote colleagues stay effective and connected through adaptable multi-device meeting experiences.

Improved Client Interactions and Document Review

Laduma blends physical and digital spaces enabling more engaging, more transparent remote communications with clients.

Our immersive meeting spaces empower you to mirror rooms in separate locations – even opposite sides of the world – enabling you to meet your clients face-to-face. Even when you can’t.

Unlike conventional single screen experiences, Laduma enables unlimited sharing of documents across effectively any number of displays for more intuitive and more efficient comparison and analysis of documents.

Democratise digital workspaces and empower partners and colleagues to contribute their collective expertise without seizing control of the screen, for more natural meetings which more closely mirror the experience of physical spaces.

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Deliver more insightful and informative meetings by seamlessly bringing the data, content, information and systems you need to support your objectives.
Untether yourself from the limitations of a single device. Work naturally, do more, and share more with the freedom to use any number of devices, to display any number of documents.


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