Wellbeing Spaces

Provide Calm and Stress-Free Spaces for Staff to Recharge


Stress Free

Spaces to Help People Unwind.

Look after your most important asset – people.

Provide calm and stress free spaces for staff to recharge with Laduma’s immersive nature experiences.

Choose from a range of picturesque landscapes to immerse yourself in serene imagery that envelops your entire meeting space.

Instantly transform your meeting space depending on your need. Smoothly transition from an ideation session or project management meeting, to a soothing wellbeing experience, at the click of a button.

Repurpose the immersive displays that you are using to share whiteboards and documents, without loosing any progress. Come straight back to tasks afterwards.

Recharge &

Discover how Laduma can Help your People to Relax

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Staff Wellbeing Made Easy

Display calming sounds and imagery to offer teams a break from the stress of daily work.

Immerse yourself in the infinite 360 display of your Laduma room and feel as though transported away from the office environment.

Improve creativity and productivity by allowing teams to relax their mind and give themselves time to be truly thoughtful and reflective.

Whether it’s an organised group session, or individual break, Laduma can adapt to what you need.

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Wellbeing Spaces

Authentic Wellness Experiences

Live-recorded landscapes create a relaxing room ambience, promoting mental wellbeing.

Instantly repurpose unused meeting space into dedicated wellness rooms.

Choose from a range of live-recorded landscapes to create a relaxing ambience which relieves stress and promotes mental wellbeing amongst colleagues.

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Digital Meeting Space

Put people at the heart of your collaboration process

From the Office. From Home. From Anywhere.

Laduma empowers you to seamlessly collaborate with colleagues wherever they are – from Spain to South Africa to San Francisco.

Supercharge MS Teams and existing technology to enable more intuitive, more engaging remote work experiences.

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Immersive Rooms

Flexible Team working without constraints

Immersive multi-functional rooms.

Laduma transforms physical meeting rooms into immersive digital spaces that put you at the heart of the meeting experience.

Make the four walls your own panoramic interactive display. Drag, drop and resize content in any configuration you choose to maximise meeting efficiency.

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Virtual Whiteboard

Build the big picture in limitless space

The infinite digital whiteboard for Microsoft Teams.

Brainstorm, build and capture the big idea from any location. Enhance any Microsoft Teams meeting experience with custom collaboration environments.

Laduma whiteboard sessions provide a blank canvas for real-time synchronised collaboration across infinite digital space.

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Document Sharing

No more screen swapping

No more juggling documents.

Multi-user document sharing. Share documents, data and content without limits. Laduma democratises your workspace, enabling colleagues to collaborate without seizing control of calls.

Make any number of windows available within a meeting. Pick and choose what content to view and where to display it. No more screen swapping required.

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Multi-Device Support

User-driven workspace customization

Multi-device meeting experiences.

Connect using an effectively limitless number of devices to build immersive work experiences from anywhere.

Engineer your environment for optimal efficiency. From quiet concentration to full team collaboration, Laduma empowers you to intuitively adapt your way of working.

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Bring your own Application

Work your way

Easily bring in any application.

Whether you’re a designer and you need to work within the Adobe Suite or you’re an engineer using Revit or AutoCAD.

Have the power to share designs and concepts using your favourite programmes and tools, at a moment’s notice.

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Laduma for Microsoft Teams

Supercharge your Microsoft Teams meeting experiences

Organise meetings, documents and ideas with ease.

Each workspace has a 1:1 relationship with a Microsoft Teams channel capturing any relevant meetings or exchanges.

Break down information siloes and give structure to your data. No more missed messages. No more time wasted looking for meeting memos. Everything is there when you need it.

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