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Interactive Workshops

Transform Stale Meetings into Immersive Experiences

Deliver More Inspiring Meetings

Too many hybrid meetings end up confined to the small screen. Make full use of available space to deliver truly interactive – truly engaging – workshops and meetings.

Make every meeting experience an outstanding one – both from the office and from home.

Laduma gives you the tools to deliver inspiring experiences which have a permanent and definitive impact on company culture and performance.

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Collaboration &

Nurture a culture of innovation.

Read our insights pages for best practice advice on hybrid collaboration.

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Meetings & Workshops

Meetings &

Recapture the missing magic of human connection for your hybrid meetings and workshops with our all-in-one solutions:

  • Hybrid Workshops – Use multiple devices and full-wall video to bring remote worker contributions front and centre.
  • Digital Whiteboarding – Visualise ideas as a team by annotating and building shared digital canvases – irrespective of location.
  • Interactive Displays – Transform walls into interactive whiteboards for 360-degree immersive shoulder-to-shoulder collaboration.
  • Sharing Resources – Share any number of presentations, images or videos in parallel on any device or even the walls to inspire creativity.
  • 3rd Party Apps – Seamlessly bring your favourite tools into digital meetings to drive your workshop and support your objectives.

Limitless Possibilities For Better Meetings

Transform conventional meeting rooms into immersive spaces to open up new possibilities.

Play full-wall videos for cinematic impact – giving workers the space to immerse themselves in designs and presentations. Display full-wall video feeds to give remote colleagues a tangible in-room presence. Enable shoulder-to- shoulder collaboration with virtual whiteboard sessions. Hook in live polling apps and display the live results on-screen for all attendees to see.

Test the limits of your imagination to create inclusive digital meeting environments for remote colleagues which keep them engaged.

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