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Connect your People, Inspiring them to Create, Build and Share Together

People at the heart

of collaboration

Interact in meetings as if you’re all in the same room, reclaiming the human feeling of face-to-face collaboration.

Empower remote workers with a voice that can be heard, giving them the tools they need to contribute to ideation sessions on even footing with their office based peers.

Share your ideas on the walls, on screen or on a limitless number of devices – simultaneously with others.

Real time collaboration as you’ve never seen it before – for improved remote worker engagement.

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Nurture a culture of innovation.

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Our Meetings-as-a-Service solutions help teams to collaborate better. Together. From the office. From home. From anywhere:

  • Digital Collaboration – Visualise ideas as a team by annotating and building shared digital canvases – irrespective of location.
  • Content Sharing – Simultaneously share any number of different documents or designs in meetings for inspiration or review.
  • Document Collaboration – Share Google or Sharepoint documents in your meetings and work on them as a team between the office and home.
  • Collaborative Discussions – Use multiple devices and full-wall video to keep people’s reactions to your contributions front and centre.
  • Specialised Projects – Bring preferred collaboration applications or specialist tools to your meetings for more effective collaboration.

your bespoke collaboration ecosystem

Pull meetings, notes and reminders into one central location. Laduma integrates with Teams, Outlook and other desktop applications and knits them together into one cohesive collaboration ecosystem.

See the big picture and eliminate duplicated effort by working within a single synchronised platform.

Laduma allows users to share documents and data simultaneously without seizing control of meetings, making teamwork experiences fluid, intuitive and fast.

For more intimate, or one-on-one meetings, Laduma’s integration with Microsoft Team’s provides this functionality. Hold private ideation sessions with individual members of your team, easily locking the room (VMR) to keep the session secure.


Use your infinite digital whiteboard to scribe, sketch and design your best ideas and turn a brainwave into a breakthrough.
for hybrid working
Laduma empowers people and their customers to Interact in meetings as if all in the same room, regaining the human feeling of team working.


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