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Unlock the Full Potential of your Current Design Software

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Designs and worklows

Unlock the potential of your existing design tools, by bringing in any application you need and supercharging it with our integrated whiteboard and video feed, to build on your designs.

Improve remote collaboration by Interacting in meetings as if you’re all in the same room and empowering designers not in the office with a voice that can be heard.

Share your ideas on the walls, on screen or on device – simultaneously with dispersed colleagues and customers. Work on projects in real-time. Hybrid collaboration as you’ve never seen it before.

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Architecture Sector


Our all-in-one Meeting-as-a-Service solutions provide a blueprint for better hybrid working on your next architecture project:

  • Digital Canvas – Map out and review design iterations and ideas as a group on infinite digital canvases associated with your project.
  • Design Review – Share unlimited schematics, CAD drawings, blueprints or designs with colleagues or clients for easy review.
  • Client Meetings – Use any device – or even the walls – to keep your clients and their reactions front and centre during meetings.
  • Specialist Tools – Seamlessly bring specialist tools and applications into meetings for easier collaboration on projects.
  • Better Remote Experiences – Access documents and designs from outside the office with ease using any combination of devices.

Track each and every Drawing Every Iteration

Explore CAD and BIM designs in Autodesk and Revit, whilst talking through each detail in Microsoft Teams video, to involve your entire team.

Whiteboards act as reference material for all of your designs, allowing you to save important details and return to them at a later date – Ensuring you not only never lose an idea, but that you can track back to how you got there and replicate creative processes.

Use previous saved whiteboards to look at all iterations of your current work, giving you a holistic and linear view of your entire project from beginning to end.


For real-time collaboration
Use your infinite digital whiteboard to scribe, sketch and design your best ideas and turn a brainwave into a breakthrough.
For Improved Functionality
Discover the true power of your existing conference and collaboration tools by integrating them with Laduma.


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