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Connections are best made face-to-face. Video meetings are convenient, but how can you build a rapport with your clients through a screen?

The number of consecutive video calls we are all taking is increasing. So as a Business Development professional, how can you cut through the noise and make sure that your face – your message – is the once that your client will remember at the end of the day?

Cutting through the noise requires a different – a better – way of running remote and hybrid meetings.

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Business Development


Our all-in-one solutions transform stale digital client meetings into multi-dimensional hybrid experiences.

  • Client Meetings – Create more engaging digital meetings using full-wall in-room video, multiple devices and any number of supporting documents.
  • Customer Demos – Run software demos on a shared browser without obscuring video to read customer reactions.
  • Share Collateral – Share multiple documents simultaneously in meetings and allow your clients to digest the contents at their own pace.
  • Immersive In-Person Experiences – Transform rooms into immersive 360-degree environments to add wow-factor to in-person meetings.
  • Visualise Your Pitch – Leverage digital whiteboards in meetings to support your pitch, explain your product or answer client questions.

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With Better Meeting Experiences

Laduma digital meetings provide you with a platform to impress clients – and ultimately deliver stronger sales results – through inspiring and interactive customer exchanges.

Say goodbye to 2-Dimensional video calls from home offices. Transform meeting spaces into fully immersive environments with full-wall video feeds for more engaging pitches. Share any number of proposal documents, videos or supporting collateral for maximum impact.

On the move, leverage any combination of device to make your client and commercial engagements more interactive.  Use your laptop or mobile to run video, while opening a whiteboard on a touchscreen device to walk your client through deal breakdowns or scenarios.

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