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Zoom Fatigue

Reducing the Risk of Burnout for Your People

Video Call Fatigue A Risk of Burnout

In a Hybrid Working environment, a lack of demarcation between home and work can negatively effect worker mental health.

More and more of our time and attention is tied to a single small screen. In the office we might step away and speak to a colleague, giving us a much needed break from screen time. At home, we increasingly run a gauntlet of back-to-back video calls.

Subsequently, ‘zoom fatigue’ has become a well-documented and serious cause of burnout. Video meetings are not a natural way of communicating and have been shown to be more taxing on the brain.

Individuals vie for attention, lost in a sea of faces, creating an accepted norm that during working hours and beyond, teams exist solely in a digital dehumanised world.

For hybrid teams to flourish long term, different ways of using technology are required to address video call fatigue.

Embed Wellbeing Experiences

into the fabric of your office

Fortunately, Laduma offers a sustainable solution to the mentally taxing effects of video call fatigue…

In remote environments, the Laduma platform empowers people to leverage any number of devices and break free of limiting small-screen meeting experiences. Users can wield one device dedicated exclusively to video, helping to alleviate the fatiguing effects of interacting with small avatars on a screen.

From the office, our multi-purpose meeting spaces project full-wall video feeds of remote employees for more meaningful and engaging exchanges.

These spaces can be instantly repurposed as wellbeing spaces. Immersive projected landscapes provide an environment for your people to take a well-earned screen break and recharge between meetings.

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