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Use Laduma for Truly Agile Hybrid Projects

Achieve Harmony within your team

Avoid unnecessary conflict and achieve true harmony between your development team and your testing team, wherever they are.

Put your people back at the heart of hybrid working and interact in meetings as if you’re all in the same room.

Connect your teams with Laduma and experience real-time collaboration as you’ve never seen it before.

Discover the Digital Meeting Space.

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Make your agile software development truly agile with our multi-dimensional meeting solutions for hybrid working:

  • Project War Rooms – Make the whole room your canvas and map out your projects on full-wall interactive displays for more effective management.
  • Digital Kanban Boards – Build out digital project boards to that can be accessed from anywhere to keep your team in sync and on schedule.
  • More Engaging Meetings – Leverage multiple devices and full wall video to make scrum meetings more engaging. From the office, or from home.
  • Better Sharing – Share multiple sprint plans, reports and browser windows simultaneously in team meetings for faster issue resolution.
  • Hybrid Teamwork – Seamlessly bring your preferred tools and apps into meetings and work on them together in real-time irrespective of location.

More Engaging Scrum Meetings

Deliver more engaging Scrum meetings with 360-degree interactive wall displays.

Use whiteboard functionality to create and refer to Kanban boards, product backlogs and sprint plans simultaneously.

Keep cross-functional or dispersed teams connected with 24/7 access to project meetings and notes.

Save documents, notes and meeting recordings, then recall them whenever and wherever you need to. Access meetings on the go using any simultaneous combination.

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Digital Meetings
Laduma empowers people and their customers to Interact in meetings as if all in the same room, regaining the human feeling of team working.
Discover the true power of your existing conference and collaboration tools by integrating them with Laduma.


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