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What’s important.

Deliver more insightful meetings by seamlessly bringing the data, information and systems you use to support your meeting objectives and make design sprints and ideation sessions more engaging and productive.

Bring in the applications you need to optimise your design workflows and get the most out of the technology you already have – Integrate the full Adobe Suite to sketch out and create multiple iterations of your project, from inception to execution.

Our integrated video feed and digital whiteboard allow you to achieve simultaneous communication and collaboration.

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Nurture a culture of innovation.

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Design Activities


Our all-in-one Meetings-as-a-Service solutions provide a platform for multi-dimensional hybrid working across all design activities and sectors:

  • Wire-Framing – Collectively draft new designs on a shared digital canvas within digital meetings.
  • Design Review – Share and simultaneously review any number of different design iterations in your meetings side-by-side.
  • Collaborative Design – Seamlessly bring specialist design tools and applications to meetings and work on them together.
  • Design Sprints – Instantly transform meeting space into war rooms with 360-degree interactive displays for design sprints.
  • Client Acceptance – Use full wall video and multiple devices to engage with clients and properly gauge their reaction to designs.

Design your way

Review Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and In-Design files, sharing the progress of your work with your team and the wider organisation using multiple devices.

Share an Adobe-suite file on your laptop and draw and annotate designs on a tablet, all whilst using a phone to communicate on Microsoft Teams video. Use our 360 infinite in-room displays to see the big picture.

Drag, drop and resize different details, allowing teams to come together to create, build and critique each other’s work and combine them to achieve an overall vision and complete projects faster, more efficiently and more intuitively.

Build wireframes or drawings on one wall, map customer journeys on another. Run multi-day design sprints without blocking out rooms for days. Build your creations, capture your ideas and recall them days later, either in the office or at home, to pick up right where you left off.

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Overcome the limitations of existing solutions by experiencing a richer, more engaging meeting experience.
Use your infinite digital whiteboard to scribe, sketch and design your best ideas and turn a brainwave into a breakthrough.


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