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You are very likely to have heard the phrase ‘Hybrid Working’ in the past 18 months. But behind all the buzz, what exactly is it? And why does it matter.

Whilst not a new concept, adoption of hybrid work policies have accelerated rapidly following the pandemic restrictions of 2020.

Hybrid Working is a model which empowers people with the flexibility to split their time between the office and home. When done right, Hybrid Working promises the win-win combination of increased workplace productivity alongside greater freedom for your people.

Put simply, hybrid working is the future of work, and demands consideration as part of your workspace strategy.

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Hybrid Workspaces:
Mixing the Physical with the Digital

Hybrid working is so much more than ’working from home’. It represents the convergence of office, remote and home environments into a single, synchronised workspace.

In other words, Hybrid Working requires a Hybrid Workspace.

This new way of working demands a new approach to workplace strategy. One which brings together people, processes and technology together irrespective of time or location.

Read on for insight on building a blueprint for an optimal Hybrid Workspace.

Communication vs Collaboration

The Critical Differences

Collaboration is essential to any effective Hybrid Workspace. Yet all too often, improperly implemented workplace strategies confuse it with communication. The consequences? Stifled creativity and poor people performance.

Collaboration is more than just the ability to communicate. Collaboration is about creating.

True collaboration is when people come together to build and critique things in real time.

Learn how an understanding of the critical differences between collaboration and communication can prove pivotal to an effective hybrid workplace strategy.

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