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Bring all the systems and processes together to deliver innovation

– Bring Agile to life for hybrid teams with interactive sprint planning and scrum events

– Kick reviews off quickly, and share easily with your team , wherever they are

– Ideate as a team to solve complex problems

– Integrate with supporting apps like Jira to have everything you need in one place

Deliver more engaging Scrum meetings with interactive contributions from the whole team. Use whiteboard functionality to create and refer to Kanban boards, product backlogs and sprint plans simultaneously. Save documents, notes and meeting recordings, then recall them whenever and wherever you need to. Access meetings on the go using any simultaneous combination of devices to keep cross-functional or dispersed teams connected.

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Plan your approach and improve sharing with clients

Client Meetings – Create more engaging digital meetings using digital rooms, multiple devices and any number of supporting documents.

Customer Demos – Allow customers to run software demos on linked devies without obscuring your link to the customer. Keep the human element.

Share Collateral – Share multiple documents simultaneously in meetings and allow your clients to digest the contents at their own pace.

Immersive In-Person Experiences – Transform rooms into immersive digital environments to add wow-factor to in-person meetings.

Visualise Your Pitch – Leverage digital whiteboards in meetings to support your pitch, explain your product or answer client questions.

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Impressive & Mobile Spaces

Laduma digital spaces provide you with a platform to impress clients – and ultimately deliver stronger sales results – through inspiring and interactive customer exchanges.

Say goodbye to 2-Dimensional sessions. Transform your engagements into information rich and dynamic sharing experiences to support your pitch. Share any number of proposal documents, videos or supporting collateral for maximum impact.

On the move, leverage any combination of device to make your client and commercial engagements more interactive. Use your laptop or mobile to run video, while opening a whiteboard on a touchscreen device to walk your client through deal breakdowns or scenarios.

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Build the campaigns that set you apart

– Brainstorm as if you’re all in the room

– Review and edit collateral, in real time, as a team

– Bring your creative work to life in the digital room

Structure meetings, campaigns and content on one cohesive digital platform. From anywhere. Transform physical rooms into inspiring interactive spaces for real-time campaign planning, creative brainstorms and content design. Design full strategic Marketing plans, using whiteboards to draw up campaign plans, gantt charts and landing page designs – helping you see why and how you are designing your overall marketing strategy and how each tactical exercise fits in to your company’s collective vision.

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Designed in partnership with Law Firms

– For Partners, Associates and Disperesed Teams, Laduma provides frictionless collaboration

– Review and annotate documents in synchronisation

– Securly share documents with eternal parties, ensuring on-going confidentiality after meetings

– Integrate with document managnagement systems (DMS) to protect integrity and confidentiality of documents post-collaboration

Bring your collective experise together and work across cases and documents. laduma then provides. better way of sahring with clients, all while ensuring security and confidentiality of information.

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Product Management

Helping deliver the future

– Use Laduma as you canvas to map out customer journeys and product road maps

– Bring all the documents, data and specialist tools you need into sessions to guage product performance.

– Review multiple ct designs, specifications and CAD drawings in parallel whether together or remote.

– Enable cross-functional collaboration to enagage product stakeholders form other teams & departments

Laduma is the digital space in whichh to create your vision.Layout your project roadmap and map every stage of your journey to keep track of where you are at.

Share wireframes. Display CAD drawings; project plans and specifications, all in one place. Hold design sprints and map out the customer journey.

Adapt your workspace to fit the precise needs of your current project. Seamlessly patch in colleagues directly and work on your project together.

For creative thinking, instantly deploy whiteboards on to interactive displays. Brainstorm and critique ideas and review outputs later.

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Laduma brings people, tools, information, and locations together into a more natural, seamless digital experience. In person, on-line or a hybrid of the two, Laduma allows you to organises your world and collaborate more easily.

Solutions – By Use Cases

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Meetings & Workshops

Coming together with all you need for a better outcome

– Run workshops and planning sessions from anywhere

– See and interact with individuals and groups in a more natural way

– Prepare for sessions beforehand, and share outputs

Enable dynamic collaboration with virtual whiteboard sessions using Laduma or your current whiteboarding tool. Create inclusive digital meeting environments for remote colleagues which keep them engaged. Capture whiteboard, meeting and notes from workshops and training for instant distribution to attendees. Deliver inspiring experiences which have a permanent and definitive impact on company culture and performance.

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Project Management

Plan, manage and succeed

-Create project spaces to manage, track and deliver projects

-Make your Laduma digital room your project office with interactive displays

-Collaborate on plans seamlessly on-line and in-room

Put projects on track and optimise efficiency. Access meetings and project canvases on the go using any combination of devices to keep cross-functional teams connected. Share documents, notes and meeting recordings with external clients with ease. Create engaging and interactive digital experiences that create transparent and enduring customer relationships.

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Hybrid Working

A truly inclusive experience

– Give your remote workers a voice as if they were in the room.

– Take your Laduma workspace from meeting to meeting. Working in the office or from home but with everything in one place.

– Link people, information and places in a seamless way. A truly unified experience bringing everyone and everything together.

Laduma’s can transform any meeting space into a powerful digital asset. Remote colleagues can feel as if they’re present while having a better way of collaborating with session whiteboards and content from the multiple devices they may have available. In-room participants have the freedom to move around whilst engaging with their remote colleagues.

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Supporting Agile

Plan, capture and review

– Have all your Sprint Planning and Review information easily accessible in one place

– Run more productive stand-ups and daily Scrums using your whiteboards. Capture previous actions and review every session.

– Link with tools such as Jura and Miro to deep dive where necessary

– Have remote colleagues contribute as if they were present

– Plan and review between Scrum events and track and report as required

Laduma lets you consolidate all your tools and information into a defined workspace that suits your agile approach. Spin up a session, with everything easily available to your team, no matter their location. After you’ve reviewed progress and agreed next steps, your ready to go again. And Laduma will support you all the way.

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