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Your Canvas to Create Award-Winning Campaigns

Your Marketing Nerve Centre

Successful marketing programmes consist of many moving parts, demanding continuous oversight and timely execution.

Laduma helps take the pain away from marketing management, structuring tools for meetings, campaign design and content review on one cohesive platform.

Connect, collaborate, and create – wherever you are – from tactical campaign plans to programme strategies.

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Collaboration &

Nurture a culture of innovation.

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Our all-in-one Meetings-as-a-Service solutions help to take the pain away from marketing management:

  • Campaign Management – Seamlessly pull through marketing tools, data and metrics into meetings to evaluate campaign performance.
  • Content Review – Share unlimited content proposals, drafts and documents in meetings simultaneously for review.
  • Strategic Planning – Bring stakeholders together in meetings along with the data you need to build out strategic marketing plans.
  • Creative Brainstorming – Brainstorm messaging, new content or new campaign ideas visually on shared digital canvases.
  • Remote Working – Use multiple devices to stay connected and up-to-date with campaign developments at home or on the move.

Connect & Create

Anytime. Anywhere.

In the office, transform physical spaces into inspiring 360-degree interactive spaces for real-time campaign planning, creative brainstorms and content design.

Use whiteboards to collectively create new campaign or content ideas in real time. Draw content plans, gantt charts and landing page designs. Organise all your moving parts on one canvas – helping you how each tactical exercise fits into your collective vision.

Capture your creations at the click of a button and then pick up your projects from anywhere in the cloud – on any device.

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