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Digital Collaboration

Achieve More Natural Ways of Teamworking Wherever You Are

Putting People At the Heart of How You Collaborate

Collaboration is a primitive human drive. It hinges on interaction and collective visualisation.

With teams now more often than not working from different locations, collaboration through solely digital means can be a challenge. When people in a hybrid environment can no longer interact in a natural way, collaboration suffers.

Communication through video alone is not enough. For teams to succeed they need to connect in a human way, mimicking the powerful feeling of face-to-face interactions as much as possible.

To crack the conundrum of collaboration in the hybrid workspace, technology needs to put people at the heart of how you work.

Unlock the Potential of Tech

To Connect Your Colleagues

Laduma offers a number of features to help put people back at the heart of the collaboration process and better connect you with your teams and customers…

In the office, our immersive meeting rooms enable full wall video feeds, helping teams to engage with remote colleagues in a more meaningful way.

Share any number of documents, data feeds or screens simultaneously and seamlessly switch between them for fluid and natural team discussions.

In remote environments, multi-device support empowers people to add any number of different laptop, mobile and touchscreen devices to adapt and expand their workspace for optimal visibility of colleagues and collaborative project materials.

Our whiteboards provide a blank canvas for teams to  collaborate together in real time. In the office, write on the wall as if it was a whiteboard. Or simply sketch your thoughts on a touchscreen device using a stylus pen.

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