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Customer Meeting Experiences

Customers now except more autonomy and transparency, accountability, higher quality of work and faster delivery. In other words, they want a better customer experience.

Laduma makes meetings with clients more human, mimicking face-to-face interactions and reclaiming the feeling of being in the same room. Keep up with customer expectations by seeing exactly what they want and need.

Deliver more insightful meetings by seamlessly bringing the data, information and systems you use to support your meeting objectives and use whiteboards for customer segmentation – working on different projects in one space and saving information for later.

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Professional Services


Our all-in-one solutions provide multi-dimensional meeting spaces where you people can come together and deliver better service to your clients:

  • Client Meetings – Create more engaging digital meetings using full-wall in-room video or multiple devices.
  • Document Review Review any number of documents with colleagues or clients in parallel across multiple displays or devices.
  • Town Halls – Broadcast announcements from immersive meeting spaces with full wall video for better engagement.
  • Home Working – Stay connected to the office from home. Use multiple devices to interact with documents and office-based colleagues.
  • Interactive Workshops – Transform meeting room walls into interactive displays for collaboration, brainstorming and workshops.

We bring your People Together

Be in the room – even when you can’t. Laduma gives teams the flexibility to tackle problems and seize inspiration whenever and wherever it strikes, helping them to build better.

People are at their best when they work together. Laduma’s engaging digital meeting spaces put people at the heart of how you work.

Our turnkey collaboration solutions empower your people to interact with colleagues and clients in a more natural way.

Capture information, structure and store projects, meetings and materials all in one place, and provide your clients with the best service possible.

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Seamlessly bring the data, content, information and systems you need to support your objectives and deliver more insightful meetings.
Digital Meetings
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Laduma empowers people and their customers to interact in meetings as if they were in the same room, for more human experiences.


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