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Have everything you need for true collaboration in one place & achieve more in every interaction.

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Laduma supports our ‘future of work’ policy and brings our global teams and customers together in a more natural and better organised way.

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EDF Trading

Every Day Tasks Made Simple


Laduma workspaces are great places to keep all the connections to the documents, applications, whiteboards, notes and links you use. Organise them by teams, projects or customers. Now you can find everything and turn up prepared every time

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Sharing just got easier. Laduma lets everyone contribute in real time so that meetings flow and every voice is heard.

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Everyone loves whiteboarding. What better way to ideate or solve problems? Laduma gives you a feature rich whiteboard but we recognise that you may already have a tool like Miro or Mural. No problem. Bring it with you and make it part of the interactive experience

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Extend to the Room

Turn physical spaces into digital assets. Extend Laduma’s capability to create interactives spaces that support a more natural way of working, all while connecting you to the hybrid world of working.

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Laduma brings people, tools, information, and locations together into a more natural, seamless digital experience. In person, on-line or a hybrid of the two, Laduma allows you to organises your world and collaborate more easily.


Greater Visibility

with everything in one place.

That app that you use every day? But want it linked to a specific project along with all the related documents? Now you can use, share and work and create from one digital space. All without the need of complex integrations.

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Video Conferencing

Video conferencing tools keep us connected. But are not great for sharing content. it’s hard to find what you need and the process of sharing is clunky and single user centric. With Laduma as the companion app for MS Teams, Zoom, Google or Webex, you can run interactive sessions while giving everyone the power to contribute.

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Create exceptional

Meeting Experiences

Experience a better sense of connection with co-workers and clients, no matter where they are. Remote workers have more freedom to connect and share across multiple devices, while office workers can break free from the single screen experience and collaborate more naturally with a digital room.

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Solutions to Turbo Charge Your Teams

A better way to share knowledge and improve collaboration.


At last, a way to make Agile actually agile.


Make closing deals that much easier.


Support creativity and create winning campaigns, faster


Make your delivery easier and your clients happier.

Project Management

Stay in control and reduce time to results