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Smart meeting rooms

Enter a true, immersive one-team experience

Your meeting rooms will be equipped with a 360º degree projection canvas that can be used as a virtual workspace.

Write on your walls like on virtual whiteboards, use multiple walls to move around and interact with your favorite videoconferencing, productivity and project management applications.

Content is mirrored instantly between rooms and within Laduma creating an experience of being in the same room.

Real-time collaboration

Let your creativity soar and productivity skyrocket

Truly synchronous collaboration means there’s no need to hand over controls, hosting or sharing privileges.

You can work using multiple applications split across your devices, displays or room walls, at the same time.

Our AI algorithms will interpret your work, and input it into corresponding applications.

Social way of working

Make everyone feel involved

Whether you’re in the office or working from home, everyone can contribute, share and work simultaneously in the meeting. 

Every input – a note, highlight, drawing – appears on the room wall and in the Laduma app as it’s being created by a meeting participant.

And you can view meeting results and analytics for any user or room session, as all the meetings are recorded.

The most natural way of working for the post-COVID world is almost here!

Laduma is coming to a room near you in February 2021.

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