22 April 2021

The Future of Meeting Technology: What do Workers Want?

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The Future of Meeting Technology: What do Workers Want?

2020 will be remembered for many negative reasons, but it has undoubtably acted as a catalyst for the advancement of technology. Whilst the physical world has temporarily all but ground to a halt, the digital world has become more connected than ever. Companies across the globe have invested in AI, UC and AV solutions in a bid to improve efficiency and collaboration, whilst a desire for greater cybersecurity and agility has also encouraged the adoption of new digital tools. As a reaction to the pandemic, Hybrid Working has emerged as a central component of the new normal, accelerating en massechanges to technological processes at a faster rate than any time in living memory.

In an ever-changing world full of new and emerging technologies, however, it can be difficult to navigate new opportunities and assess the pros and cons of individual solutions. As such, you may ask yourself, what is the future of meetings? What should they look like now, and what will they look like in the future?

Work from Home burnout

It’s no secret that during the pandemic, ‘Zoom Fatigue’ has rapidly evolved from a trivial-sounding buzzword into a very serious form of burnoutaffecting the global workforce on a worrying scale. This effect was inevitable after months of isolation and an over-reliance upon video conferencing tools. Those still forced to work at home are undoubtedlyrelishing the opportunity to return to the office, after struggling with collaboration and innovationaway from the office, whilst missing the social aspects that in-person meetings provide. According to research from Barco, workers want to spend just 2 days a week at home onaverage once restrictions are relaxed or lifted.

Given thepopular appetite forthis more flexible blend of hybrid working, business leaders have been searching for innovative ways to better facilitate effective collaboration between employees working at home and in the office. However, Meeting Technology solutions will need to be highly flexible and intuitive in order effectively match the smooth Video Conferencing experiences we had at home and entice committed WFH contingents to return to the office with regularity.

Better Technology, better Meetings

Research from Barco has found that workers have high expectations towards the technology they desire to facilitate their digital meetings going forward. In the report, employees address a demand for efficiency and usability in potential solutions which streamline flexible working. They want things to be easier, faster and more intuitive. They don’t want to waste time with outdated, complicated processes. This calls for one centralised platform, where workers can access all of their favourite tools and applicationsat the click of a button. The time is now to set-up your meeting rooms for new ways of working. Adequate content sharing and collaborative tools are the bare meeting room necessities in the ‘new normal’ of 2021 and beyond.

Employees expect tools to help them gain a higher engagement and enable better collaboration with their disperse colleagues. Content sharing inside and outside the meeting room should be done with just one click. Whiteboarding, annotation, moderation, polling and virtual breakout rooms are highly desirable features forany meeting room in the present and the future.

Laduma’s Digital Workspaces

At Laduma, we believe that the new breed of Hybrid Workforce needs a new breed of Hybrid Workspace. One singular platform where you can bring all your favourite applications and tools with you to do your best work together.

Teams need to work fast, efficiently and with freedom, harnessing the unique blend of tools they need together in one place. With the help of Laduma, you can optimise the entire hybrid collaboration process by pulling meetings, notes, and applications into one cohesive collaboration ecosystem.

Our mission is to drive innovation in a dispersed world by humanissing collaborative workflows with technology that brings us closer together. Our digital whiteboards allow you to share ideas seamlessly, optimissing your creative process so that you can focus on the things that matter most and build your vision for the future.

We transform your current physical spaces into digitally-enabled hybrid workspaces. Our technology allows you to work on your walls like a whiteboard, while your remote team annotates the same virtual space using stylus-enabled mobile devices.

If you want to hear more about our room mirroring, user profiles and round-the-clock support, among other features, please request a demo.


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