20 January 2022

Put people back at the heart of hybrid working

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Put people back at the heart of hybrid working

People are the beating heart of your business. Happier people leads to improved people performance and better business outcomes.

Employee experience should therefore be at the heart of any Hybrid Working structure. Too often, improperly implemented workplace strategies have come at the cost of connectivity and culture. Digital Meetings often lose the dynamism and human feeling of face-to-face interactions. This needs to be considered and solved where possible, as Hybrid Working cannot be effective if increased flexibility comes at the cost of stifled creativity, frustrated collaboration, and poor people performance.

It is vital to support natural ways of working irrespective of location. Remote workers cannot become side-lined. Nor can the office become perceived as the only place where people come for collaboration and innovation. To put people back at the heart of hybrid working and reclaim the dynamism of in person interactions, businesses must look to merge the digital and physical spaces, for hybrid work strategies to flourish.



One of the most difficult activities to replicate in a fully virtual environment is collaboration. Ideation, brainstorming and design all require spontaneous back and forth, human interactions to combine individual ideas into a collective vision. Without this feeling, meetings can feel slow and stunted, with remote workers unwilling to contribute their ideas to discussions.

For teams to achieve the same collaborative experience remotely as they do in brick-and-mortar office spaces, leaders may need to reconsider the technology that they are using and its suitability to a hybrid scenario.  To replicate in-person meetings, new functionality is required, allowing teams to still use and optimise the tools they already have, whilst benefiting from new capabilities that aid digital collaboration and keep remote workers engaged in ideation and breakout sessions.


Hybrid work experiences need to allow everyone to share content, drawings and concepts without seizing control of the meeting. Whether you’re a graduate, manager, or executive, you should have the ability to have your say. Sessions must be synchronised for simultaneous, real-time collaboration. There is no telling where the next great idea will come from. Creating a democratic workspace is critical to successful ideation and innovation.

Write, draw or annotate the same virtual space from anywhere, on any device. Everyone should be offered the same functionality. For your workplace to flourish, home and remote workers cannot become the second-class citizens, they must feel empowered to add to discussions, on equal footing with their office-based teammates. This can come down to a question of screen real-estate. Single-screen video conferences simply don’t cut it when your colleagues in the office can collaborate naturally in full 3D. One way to level the playing field is empowering home workers to communicate, share and interact without limits on any combination of devices – from the home, to airports, trains and coffee shops.



At Laduma, we understand that every meeting experience is only as powerful as the people behind it. In fact, this understanding is built into the very DNA of our product.

Laduma empowers people and their customers to interact in meetings as if all in the same room, regaining the human feeling of team working. Laduma’s multi device support, document sharing capabilities and infinite digital whiteboard empower remote workers with a voice that can be heard, making sure that they are truly present in every brainstorm, project meeting or sprint.

Have the freedom to share your ideas on the walls, on screens or on devices – simultaneously with others for real-time team working. Discover improved remote worker engagement, where people are at the centre of everything.

Putting People at the Heart of the Hybrid Work Experience is the heart of our new website and brand identity. For free tips on how to put people at the heart of the Hybrid Meeting experience, why not check our ‘New Ways of Working’ resource hub?

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