22 March 2021

Optimising Workspaces for Hybrid Work

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Optimising Workspaces for Hybrid Work

In the past year, Hybrid working has become a popular workspace model, empowering workers with the autonomy and flexibility to work their way, wherever they are. Employers have also benefited, enjoying a more productive and loyal workforce, whilst saving on travel by utilising remote interactions in place of in-person meetings. As businesses continue to develop a roadmap post-COVID and a return to their physical offices, many leaders are coming to the realisation that whilst their office buildings have been vacant, they have become disconnected from their organisation’s daily processes. They are not optimised to support new ways of working. Fortunately, utilising the correct technology, there are achievable steps that companies can take to ensure that their spaces effectively support hybrid working.

Reconfigure physical and digital real estate

The rise of Hybrid working has made businesses rethink their physical workspaces with the prioritization of the experience of the individual in mind. This shift to a people centered approach is not a new concept, although adoption of it has certainly been accelerated in response to the pandemic. In order to effectively review the relevance of one’s pre-COVID physical office set-up, it is helpful to take a pragmatic approach. Of course, every businesses’ individual needs and circumstances are different. Therefore, it is important to ask yourself questions to determine the steps your organization needs to take to adapt. Do you need more or less space? Do you have the right number of desks and rooms? Are the current meeting spaces the correct dimensions? All of this should be supported by data and insights, with access to room calendars and analytics dashboard aiding you in this process by helping you to base your decisions on facts rather than purely personal opinions or aesthetic considerations.

It is not just physical real estate that needs to be reimagined and reconfigured, but the digital spaces that the global hybrid workforce work within day-to-day. Consider digital spaces in the same way that you would brick-and-mortar offices. These spaces also demand consideration and optimization. Treat your digital workspace like your own physical workspace at home or in the office. In optimal conditions, you would not want any clutter on your desk and nothing that does not serve a purpose i.e., to be more productive and achieve your goals. Your ‘online’ desk should be no different. This can be achieved by extending your screen real estate by using multiple devices, all sharing different content and integrating immersive 360 displays to give you infinite space. You also need to be able to bring all of your favourite tools and applications together in one place, so at the touch of a button you have access to a plethora of helpful solutions, allowing you to work faster, more efficiently and more productively.

Make the meeting experience more interactive

Visual communication tools such as video conferencing software act as a useful solution for remote interactions, allowing teams to converse whilst giving consideration to the body language and facial expressions of others. However, these tools lack the multi-functionalism necessary to facilitate a natural, collaborative meeting experience. In order to authentically collaborate in hybrid meetings, you need the ability to use multiple devices all at once, harnessing infinite screen real estate. organisations can also benefit from digital whiteboards that allow simultaneous sharing of ideas from different locations, levelling the playing fields in regards to equity of voice and remote vs in-office hierarchies. These features  must be part of any digital transformation strategy in place, in order to maintain a competitive edge in regards to innovative thought, and improve upon internal communications in order to maintain clarity of requests and delegations.

The Digital Workspace for the Hybrid Workforce

Teams and Individuals need to be empowered to work how they want to. Laduma’s immersive digital workspaces allow you to do just that, by enhancing your experience with customisable collaboration environments, allowing you to intuitively create engaging interactions. For knowledge workers, innovators and dispersed teams, we provide the platform for frictionless collaboration using your favourite tools. From the office. From the home. From anywhere. With Laduma you can truly make your location irrelevant.

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