29 March 2021

Are you ready to embrace The Hybrid Workspace?

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Are you ready to embrace The Hybrid Workspace?

Prior to 2020, the concept of flexible working was well established, offered in some form by many organisations. However, the idea of a majority of employees working from home was certainly rarely implemented. And yet here we are a year later with Hybrid working – where workers can choose between home and office work – an accepted norm and in fact an expectation for top talent and previous unbelievers alike.

Workers can now enjoy the luxuries of sleeping in, providing child-care and avoiding hours sat in traffic, whilst employers are enjoying the channeling of this wasted energy into daily tasks and vital projects. Although the organisations that have survived have unavoidably adapted in some way, sustaining a Hybrid Workspace Model requires a far-thinking vision.

The most challenging aspect of this conversation for business leaders is letting go of the ways of working associated with the ‘old normal’. Change is inevitable in order to evolve and the ‘new normal’ we are adapting to does not resemble what came before. The most powerful and disruptive shift being the prioritisation of remote work and the change in the balance of power between physical and remote spaces. Companies have found that remote productivity has flourished, meaning that this change looks likely to be a permanent one.


Steps to effectively support Hybrid Working


Challenge current processes

Although workflows have had to evolve in the last year, antiquated processes continue to stifle companies as leaders remain reluctant to move from operating models that seem to be sentimentally attached to their historical identity. Organisations must see past this and be open to change in order to maintain competitive advantage.

However, this process of change shouldn’t be seen as a compromise or a negative, in fact it is actually an opportunity for companies to shed business costs, improve innovation and collaboration and make employees happier, healthier and ultimately more productive and loyal to their work tribes.

Prioritise flexibility and agility

A smart digital strategy allows businesses to harness the true power of Hybrid working – that is the flexibility and agility that the approach offers. Leaders can move quickly and onboard new employees faster without the disruptive nature of other solutions. Once the digital workspace is in place, it allows for a smoother recruitment process, with access to a wider pool of talent, and for, importantly, empowers workers to work how and where they want.

Make use of what you already have

Why start from scratch? With an adaptive digital workspace you can leverage your existing technology, using your favourite tools in one place for speed and cost-effectiveness. Already owned Google or Microsoft stacks can improve your investment in this platform, providing a solid base for a centralised collaboration eco-system. The use of these applications makes your ‘new’ process much more intuitive and natural, as you don’t have to relearn an entire system, but adapt to effectively integrate these with other helpful tools to improve people performance and efficiency.

Focus on employee experience

Employee experience should be at the center of any Hybrid Workspace structure. Flexible working is built upon the premise that workers have more autonomy. A Digital Workspace solution can help to facilitate this concept by offering these empowering features:

  • A digital whiteboard, that can be worked on in real-time
  • Ability to use multiple devices at once, all presenting different content
  • Support activity-based working e.g. brainstorming or software development sprints
  • Ability to measure and adapt using digital change management capabilities and tools.

Exclusively physical, in-office organisational structures were already becoming less and less common prior to the pandemic, however the last year has accelerated this and left this approach obsolete. Perhaps the most essential priority for any businesses has become the facilitation of a sustainable and permanent flexible working structure. One that puts people and experience at the center of everything. Open up a discussion using the form below to see how we can help you achieve this using our Digital Workspace solution, built to empower the Hybrid Workforce.


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