Microsoft Teams

Transform Microsoft Teams into a Multi-dimensional Hybrid Work Platform


Laduma supercharges the functionality of Microsoft Teams, transforming it into a multi-dimensional platform for hybrid working, putting people at the heart of the hybrid meeting experience.

Videoconferencing and single-screen digital meeting experiences can be constraining. In the new hybrid way of working a new approach to meetings is needed.

Our capabilities optimise people’s ability to create, build and share in real-time, whilst communicating and collecting information within Teams.

Laduma improves the in-room meeting experience of Microsoft Teams. It improves the home worker experience. And it improves access to information, empowering teams to bring in tools and technology from beyond the Microsoft stack.

Enhance the


Laduma liberates office-based colleagues from laptops for better hybrid meeting experiences within Microsoft Teams.

No more single-screen experiences. Project documents, video feeds, or even whiteboards on to passive displays, interactive displays or even the meeting room walls to maximise your workspace.

Laduma digitally enables your physical spaces to make the whole room your canvas for Microsoft Teams meetings. Make better use of your environment in the office and work in a more natural and engaging way.

Unlock the full potential of your existing technology – we have a solution for every room environment.

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Enhance Access

to Information

Laduma enhances Microsoft Teams meetings by empowering you to bring your favourite data, tools applications seamlessely into meetings – even from beyond the Microsoft Stack.

Enhance Experiences

For Home Workers

Laduma supercharges the remote worker experience within Microsoft Teams to create more engaging and effective meetings from home.

We empower users to wield multiple devices to adapt and expand their workspace – breaking free of singe screen experiences.

Laduma meetings empower sharing of multiple documents simultaneously, giving remote users the choice of what to see and on which device.

Contribute actively to meetings from anywhere, all whilst keeping your colleagues – and their reactions – in plain sight.

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Your Meetings
Your Way

See how Laduma

Transforms Microsoft Teams into a Multi-dimensional Platform for Hybrid Working.

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Synchronised Platform

See the big picture and eliminate duplicated effort by working within a single synchronised platform. Pull meetings, notes and reminders into one central location.

Our Microsoft Teams video integration allows teams to collaborate and communicate simultaneously. Don’t work in silos. Work on whiteboards and documents without loosing sight of your colleagues.

Put people at the heart of your meetings. Share new content without obscuring your view of your teams or customers. The video feed is always at the centre of everything you do, for a more human experience.

Laduma for Microsoft Teams

Supercharge your Microsoft Teams meeting experiences

Organise meetings, documents and ideas with ease.

Each workspace has a 1:1 relationship with a Microsoft Teams channel capturing any relevant meetings or exchanges.

Break down information siloes and give structure to your data. No more missed messages. No more time wasted looking for meeting memos. Everything is there when you need it.

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Digital Meeting Space

Put people at the heart of your collaboration process

From the Office. From Home. From Anywhere.

Laduma empowers you to seamlessly collaborate with colleagues wherever they are – from Spain to South Africa to San Francisco.

Supercharge MS Teams and existing technology to enable more intuitive, more engaging remote work experiences.

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Immersive Rooms

Flexible Team working without constraints

Immersive multi-functional rooms.

Laduma transforms physical meeting rooms into immersive digital spaces that put you at the heart of the meeting experience.

Make the four walls your own panoramic interactive display. Drag, drop and resize content in any configuration you choose to maximise meeting efficiency.

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Virtual Whiteboard

Build the big picture in limitless space

The infinite digital whiteboard for Microsoft Teams.

Brainstorm, build and capture the big idea from any location. Enhance any Microsoft Teams meeting experience with custom collaboration environments.

Laduma whiteboard sessions provide a blank canvas for real-time synchronised collaboration across infinite digital space.

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Document Sharing

No more screen swapping

No more juggling documents.

Multi-user document sharing. Share documents, data and content without limits. Laduma democratises your workspace, enabling colleagues to collaborate without seizing control of calls.

Make any number of windows available within a meeting. Pick and choose what content to view and where to display it. No more screen swapping required.

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Multi-Device Support

User-driven workspace customization

Multi-device meeting experiences.

Connect using an effectively limitless number of devices to build immersive work experiences from anywhere.

Engineer your environment for optimal efficiency. From quiet concentration to full team collaboration, Laduma empowers you to intuitively adapt your way of working.

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Wellbeing Spaces

Provide Authentic Wellness Experiences

Live-recorded landscapes create a relaxing room ambience, promoting mental wellbeing.

Instantly repurpose unused meeting space into dedicated wellness rooms.

Choose from a range of live-recorded landscapes to create a relaxing ambience which relieves stress and promotes mental wellbeing amongst colleagues.

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Bring your own Application

Work your way

Easily bring in any application.

Whether you’re a designer and you need to work within the Adobe Suite or you’re an engineer using Revit or AutoCAD.

Have the power to share designs and concepts using your favourite programmes and tools, at a moment’s notice.

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