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Put people back at the heart of hybrid working

People are the beating heart of your business. Happier people leads to improved people performance and better business outcomes.

The Hybrid Creativity Conundrum

Dr Gwenllian Williams breaks down the challenges of creativity in a hybrid working environment and the necessary conditions for effective creative expression.

The Psychology of The Hybrid Workforce

Dr Gwenllian Williams explores how the benefits and challenges of hybrid working are shaped by the unconscious human psyche. She also asserts how leaders can adapt their approach to avoid and alleviate the stresses of the ‘new normal’.

What is Hybrid Working?

You might have heard the term hybrid working thrown around a lot in the past year. You may be asking yourself why? What exactly is it? And how can my organisation do the same?

How to Offer a Truly Flexible Workplace

5 Tips for Better Hybrid Collaboration

Rethinking Workspaces for a Hybrid Future

How Hybrid Working is Shaping the Future of Work

Realising Gensler’s Sketch of the Hybrid Workplace