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Beyond Zoom and Teams: How to Improve the Digital Meeting Experience

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The average time spent in meetings has increased by 252% since February 2020. We are now holding more meetings than ever before – but just how effective are they?


More meetings are leading to less efficiency…

According to Harvard Business Review, 70% of meetings are unproductive and get in the way of work. Meetings are supposed to be a force for change. Where people come together, ideas are sparked, decisions made, and collaboration crystallises into strategy. Tools such as Zoom and Teams have made meetings easier than ever to schedule, but too many of them deliver underprepared, poor-quality experiences that hamper organisational efficiency.


Technology could provide the key to better meeting outcomes…

Join our expert speakers – Chartered Business Psychologist Dr Gwenllian Williams, HFW’s Global IT Director Mark Parr and Laduma CEO Martin Prendergast – as they outline the common pitfalls that lead to poor quality meetings. The critical components of great meeting experiences that drive better outcomes and decisions. And how effective use of technology can transform your digital meetings into a real force for change.

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    Webinar Summary

    What to Expect

    In this one-hour video we explore:


          • The critical role of meetings in communication, collaboration, and creativity.
          • How digital tools and environments influence your people and their behaviour.
          • Where the pandemic has had a negative impact on quality meeting experiences.
          • What make a meeting experience great – both from the office and from home.
          • How the right tools and technology can make meetings more engaging, more efficient and – ultimately – more effective


    • For technology and departmental managers alike, this session will provide insight on how to reinvigorate your digital interactions and make them a true force for organisational change.
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