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How to Successfully Put People at the Heart of Your Hybrid Workplace Strategy

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‘Hybrid Working’ has become a popular buzzword over the past 18 months – but just how effectively have the principles been put into practice?

Watch our expert speakers – Chartered Business Psychologist Dr Gwenllian Williams and Laduma CEO Martin Prendergast – as they examine the human impact of hybrid working.

Learn what dispersed workforces have lost during lockdown. And what can be done to cultivate a high-functioning and highly effective hybrid work culture.

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    Webinar Summary

    What to Expect

    In this one-hour video we explore:


      • • The cost to collaboration, creativity, and culture of remote working.
        • The human psychology of hybrid working and the impact on your business and people.
        • Why implementing effective hybrid working is harder than it looks.
        • What you need to consider to create an effective hybrid workplace strategy that supports people, culture, and performance.
        • How the right tools, technologies and behaviours can put you on the fast track to success.

    For business leaders and managers alike, this session will provide insight on how to recapture the missing magic of human connectivity in your hybrid workspace.

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