The Digital Meeting Space

For Hybrid Working.

Ready for flexible working?

Put people at the heart of hybrid working

Laduma transforms meeting experiences to allow teams and their customers to Interact as if all in the same room, reclaiming the dynamism and human feeling of in-person interactions.

Empower remote workers with a voice that can be heard, evening the playing field of hybrid collaboration.

Simultaneously share ideas on the walls and on screens and experience real-time collaboration as you’ve never seen it before.


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Unilimited screens

More productive meetings from home

Untether yourself from the limitations of a single device. Work naturally, do more, and share more – using your laptop, phone and tablet individually to harness the power of unlimited screen real estate.

Fully illustrate points and communicate complex ideas to your team or clients, without compromise.

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Deliver more insightful meetings by seamlessly bringing the data, information and systems you use to support your meeting objectives.

Instantly access documents, whiteboards and content to offer a holistic view of projects in real-time, whilst verbally communicating with your team using your integrated video feed.

Built in wellbeing experiences

Recharge with calm and stress-free spaces by instantly repurposing unused meeting space for immersive wellness experiences.

Choose from a range of live-recorded landscapes to create a relaxing ambience and improve mental wellbeing.

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Unlock the potential of your

collaboration and conferencing tools

Overcome the limitations of existing solutions by experiencing a richer, more engaging meeting experience.

Supercharge the technology you already have with the added functionality you need to maximise productivity and efficiency.

Integrated whiteboarding and live video empower people to communicate and collaborate simultaneously, allowing teams to work on tasks faster and more intuitively.

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big improvements simple pricing

We understand that people want to hold virtual meetings, not worry about the assets used to facilitate them.

Our meeting-as-a service approach make it easy to deliver better results without the challenges of bringing different technology and providers together.

Laduma is an all-in-one adaptable solution that offers teams the autonomy to intuitively begin meetings on the fly.


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