Our projection walls turn any space into a digital workspace

Interact with other offices and remote workers as if you were in the same space.


  • Free yourself from the small screen, engage better and solve problems faster
  • Get work done in the meeting with automatic input into all of your applications
  • Never miss another opportunity with digital note taking and session recording
whiteboard meeting unsplash small
people around desk unsplash small


  • Collaborate visually with fullscreen digital whiteboards and annotation tools
  • Work seamlessly: no more screen sharing or passing hosting controls between members
  • Contribute your ideas freely and work simultaneously, regardless of your location


  • Set up your meeting and start working before you even step into the room
  • View and work on limitless number of applications on the same canvas
  • Absorb more information, analyze easier and make better informed decisions
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The most natural way of working for the post-COVID world is almost here!

Laduma is coming to a room near you in December 2020.
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