The Hybrid Revolution: Optimizing Limited Office Time With Your Team

The perception of physical office space is, understandably, changing. If the current global pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that remote and hybrid structures work. At least they do for individual tasks, as a survey from Boston Consulting Group found with 76% of those transitioning to remote work claiming to be more productive in their solo work post COVID. And so, as offices are seen more and more as a luxury rather than a necessity, any face to face time you do have with your team can be pivotal in clearly communicating ideas that conventional virtual tools simply cannot justly convey, as the same survey found that 56% of that same group were less productive on collaborative tasks. With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your limited office time together as a team.

Take full advantage of team building opportunities

If you’ve been working from home at any time in the past sixth months, chances are you’ve done your fair share of ice breakers, group activities and quizzes etc. In fact, you might be a little tired of them. And that’s natural. But small things like this help to keep moral up and maintain the company culture and rapport you built up prior to COVID. Here at Laduma, we take a few minutes on our morning calls to get involved in different activities, often taking inspiration from popular shows like Room 101, Countdown and Art Attack in order to start our day with a laugh and a joke and to switch all of our brains on creatively. Whilst conventional video conferencing tools such as Microsoft Teams and Slack help to facilitate these brief escapism sessions, they do have their limitations in terms of truly connecting on a human level. It’s not natural to have so many eyes staring back at once. So when you do get a window of time where you are all present in any physical space, make sure you give individuals that one on one time, introduce new staff members properly, have a cup of coffee and grab a team lunch to properly bond as a unit.

Use hybrid working to your advantage

COVID has limited the capacity of most spaces, both private and public. While offices can be adversely affected by this result of tackling the pandemic, you don’t have to let it limit your team. Just because you can’t all be in the same room, doesn’t mean there isn’t time for sub-teams to get together to share their combined vision and importantly, give themselves a break from the digital world. There are many ways that you can organize this. For example, you could alternate days or weeks between different teams. First finance, then marketing and so on. This gives each team equal opportunities to get that one on one time and build positive relationships within their group. allotting separate teams this time can also improve remote calls, with the energy of the in-office cohort creating an atmosphere that facilitates a more natural feeling meeting.

Harness the right technology to embrace hybrid

The end goal for many companies is to completely embrace hybrid and remote working and not rely on in-office interactions at all. This will ultimately save you time and money and give individuals within your team the agency to work when and where they want. But how do you achieve this without losing that human connection, that physical closeness that many of us crave? According to Workfront 56% of UK workers say productivity is stalling at their company because of outdated technology and this scenario is no different. To truly embrace a hybrid/ remote structure, you need to bypass conventional video conferencing tools and free yourself from their limitations.

At Laduma, we offer a more natural way of working. One that lets you feel as connected as if you were in the office. You can truly express your ideas with our fully interactive meeting rooms. Work on your walls like a whiteboard, leaving only a digital trace, whilst your remote team writes and draws on those same walls using stylus-enabled mobile devices, making collaboration and communication effortless whether you’re in the office, at home, or travelling. Location is irrelevant. If you want to hear more about our room mirroring, user profiles and round-the-clock support, among many other features, contact us using the form below.

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