Serve and return: Mastering hybrid communication


Serve and return interactions shape brain architecture. When a young child or infant gestures, babbles or cries, and an adult responds appropriately with eye contact, words, or a hug, neural connections are built and strengthened in the brain that support the development of communication and social skills.

You may be wondering, how is this relevant? Why will this information help me to communicate better with my team? Well, these neural pathways remain open throughout our adult lives and if we do not receive returns (physical or verbal responses) it can cause confusion and even turmoil for us as human beings.

Whether this response is positive or negative, the important thing is that we receive something in return for what we’re putting out into the ether, be that an idea, a request, or simply a greeting. Ambiguity can leave room for negativity, as we tend to ruminate on small details and widely interpret actions, often based on our own outlook.

Working in a hybrid or remote workplace only exacerbates this thought process and increases its probability. Not only does it take away our ability to truly connect with our workmates and vent our frustrations or worries, but the reliance upon video conferencing technology makes it much more difficult to justly make ‘returns’ and give others our full undivided attention or even to give different individuals equal focus.


Bridging the gap 


It can be difficult, but we all need to be aware of our behaviors where possible. Everyone is different, and how one person reacts to an action, will be completely different to another individual. That’s why it is so important to encourage your team to bond. Virtual morning group activities or afterwork zoom drinks can help teams to better understand each other’s personalities and idiosyncrasies and therefore, how to be inclusive and tolerant of the differing backgrounds, experiences and preferences within your office eco-system.

However, traditional video conferencing software has its limits, as I’m sure we’re all now well aware. With ‘zoom-fatigue’ not just a popular buzzword but a genuine issue, companies worldwide are investing in technology that is bespoke, fit for purpose and allows you to not only better communicate and understand one and other, but to collaborate effectively and turn your ideas into business.

At Laduma, we’re working to drive innovation in a dispersed world by humanizing collaborative workflows with technology that brings us closer together. Our digital whiteboards allow you to share ideas seamlessly, optimizing your creative process so that you can focus on the things that matter most and build your vision for the future.

We transform your current physical spaces into digital hybrid workspaces, allowing you to free yourself from your computer screen. Our technology allows you to work on your walls like a whiteboard, leaving only a digital trace, while your remote team writes and draws on those same walls using stylus-enabled mobile devices. If you want to hear more about our room mirroring, user profiles and round-the-clock support, among other features, contact us using the form below.


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