Our Mission

To create a better way of connecting, sharing and working

Our Vision

Laduma is changing the way people work. By supercharging existing collaboration and meeting solutions, we help companies across the world be flexible in the face of change, deliver better outcomes and build better working environments for their people. Laduma’s multi-platform canvas enhances MS Teams and other collaboration tools, delivers a richer remote working experiences, drives more productive meetings and transform offices into immersive digital work and rest spaces.


Laduma is delivered ‘as a service’. People across the organisation can now come together, no matter where they are, and do their best work.


Laduma’s culture is at the heart of how we operate and we never forget that our people are at the core of everything we do. It has enabled us to build the best offerings for our customers.


We have fantastic, creative staff who are supported to take advantage of a healthy work-life balance. Because of that flexibility, our team always feels ready to pull together and get the job done. The office environment is an aspect of culture that we feel very strongly about.


Laduma is a young company full of smart, passionate, creative and fun people. We work hard to build these qualities into the spaces in which we operate. Music, chosen by team members is constantly playing and we have tables tennis, arcade games and foosball tables in every office. Pets are allowed.


Employees take workday breaks at will to recharge and reflect. We play games and sports, provide wellness initiatives and encourage all kinds of discussion whether work-related or otherwise. Office wall colours are bright, graphics are bold, fun, provoking and slightly irreverent.


We always make sure the fridge is fully stocked for whenever anyone needs something to eat, it’s not just about feeding the mind at Laduma, and sometimes you just need chocolate. All of this contributes to increased levels of creativity, experimentation, loyalty, pride and confidence in always being able to succeed.

The most natural way of working for the post-COVID world is almost here!


Laduma is coming to a room near you in December 2020.
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