3 Reasons To Adopt A Hybrid Workplace

What will your ‘new normal’ be? You may be considering whether to take your company fully remote or perhaps if you should finally return to the office full time. Inevitably, opting for either option will upset at least one person within your organization. Everyone is different and that’s why any system that provides autonomy and flexibility will serve those who work within it, rather than hinder them. The emergence, or rather popularization of hybrid working is testament to this. If you’re thinking about transitioning to a hybrid workplace, or want to do it better, here are the why’s and the how’s.


Give your team full flexibility


Prior to COVID, most of the world adhered to rigid daily schedules. Shower, eat breakfast (if you had the time), leave the house, drop the kids off, arrive at work, consume copious amounts of coffee. Repeat. We became so entrenched in these routines. However, once our auto-pilot mode was switched off, we began to rethink what our daily grind could look like. Suddenly, we had no commute, more time with the kids and, ugh, instant coffee? Well, you can’t have it all. At first, this sharp pivot knocked many out of whack. But, after an adjustment period, workers began to enjoy a sense of agency and freedom that they had previously never experienced before.

It’d be fair to assume that given a choice, people don’t want to lose this flexibility and ownership. That is the beauty of a hybrid model. A hybrid workplace gives workers the best of both worlds. It shows your team that you trust them, and you want them to keep that autonomy, whilst offering an escape from the bedlam of their home office/climbing frame. Encouraging your team to have a good work-life balance will keep them happy, productive and loyal to their organization.


Keep your team safe


This one may seem obvious, but what is the reason we’re doing all this? The reason for social distancing. The reason for WFH. To keep people safe and healthy and reduce the risk of infection. Implementing a hybrid workplace allows you to keep practicing safety protocols whilst allowing members of your team to meet in the office and experience some of the face-to-face interactions that we crave as human beings, as is our nature. Thanks to methods such as hotdesking there’s still the opportunity to use office space safely.

Just because your entire cohort can’t all be in the same room at the same time, sub-teams shouldn’t be stifled from sharing their combined vision. By staggering arrangements and allotting time for different departments, you can give each team equal opportunities to get that one on one time and build positive relationships within their group.


Alleviate ‘zoom fatigue’


Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack. Whatever you’ve been using for video conferencing over the past sixth months has likely served you well, but none of us are under the illusion that they facilitate a very natural way of communicating. 20 eyes staring back at you, all vying for your attention. It can be quite an anxious experience if you really dwell on what’s happening. After months of relying on these pieces of software for check ins, mind mapping and board meetings, we’re all likely a little tired of the digital world that we’ve come to inhabit.

Giving your team a week or even a day of respite from the relentlessness of this way of working can help to make them feel refreshed, stimulated and just a little bit more human. In order to get the most out of your technology, whether WFH or in the office, you need to invest in collaboration software that is fit for purpose, that is designed to overcome the new challenges that we’re facing in this unique time in history. Something that allows you to seamlessly communicate with your remote or in office team, wherever you are. That’s where Laduma comes in.

We can transform your current physical spaces into digital hybrid workspaces, allowing you to free yourself from your computer screen and work in a more natural way. Work on your walls like a whiteboard, leaving only a digital trace, while your remote team writes and draws on those same walls using stylus-enabled mobile devices. If you want to hear more about our room mirroring, user profiles and round-the-clock support, among other features, contact us using the form below.

The most natural way of working for the post-COVID world is almost here!

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