5 ways immersive tech is changing the property industry

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Choosing ‘the one’ when it comes to properties can be immensely difficult, regardless of whether it’s your first home, forever home or even a rental property. When a potential buyer walks through the doors with vague ideas and concepts it can then become a very time intensive task showing them around properties.

Many days, if not weeks, can be taken up with just one client with no guarantee that you’re going to be able to give them what they ultimately want. Virtual Reality (VR) showcases can eliminate that difficult first step in a home-buyers journey while also saving you time and money. Using 360 videos you can film a real life tour of a property and then with a VR headset you can look around freely giving the wearer a real feel for property without ever having to leave their seat.


A more impressive investor showcase

Presenting a property that hasn’t been built yet has obvious complications. People like to see something tangible before investing. 3D images are a fantastic starting point, but they can often lack the immersion that being in a real, tactile, brick and mortar building. While in the pre-build stage this isn’t possible, the next best thing is. Virtual Reality. There are many studies like this one that have found that people experience real emotions when being faced with situations in VR.

People often have very real connections to the things they experience in VR, making it the perfect sales tool when you’re in the early steps of planning and construction. With VR you can create everything from virtual neighborhoods to explore all the way to guided room by room tours of your properties. The experience will only be second to actually visiting your property for the first time.

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A more captivating property dream

Sometimes it can be hard to comprehend the full potential of a property as soon as you walk through the doors, in fact, The National Association of Realtors found that 77% of real estate agents in the USA reported that clients could visualize a property as their future home when staging was used. This presents a difficult situation for the realtor. Staging a full house could easily cost thousands while also taking additional man hours. This is money and time that is directly impacting the profit that can be made on the property and with the real estate market being such a fast turning industry, it can difficult to make the judgement call as to which properties to sink the extra time and money into. With Augmented Reality (AR) however, that’s no longer an issue.

There are currently many consumer facing apps that help customers visualize products within their home, from Ikea’s AR furniture app to Dulux’s paint app. These apps allow consumers to transform their room by just looking through their phones and realtors can harness this power too. Commissioning a custom AR app where you have full control of the pieces that feature in the room, the wallpaper used and maybe even the lighting if you wanted to. If you’d like more information about our AR products, why not click here?

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More effective maintenance & training

Many industries are looking at immersive technology for ways to streamline and improve their training and the property industry is no different. Using VR for training has fantastic benefits. As this study shows, many people found it easier to retain information when presented in VR due to the heightened emotional connection verses traditional training.

It can be a fantastic time and money saver, eliminating the need for an instructor to travel to different sites and if the training is kept current and up to date it can be used year on year with minimal extra cost. Not only is VR a fantastic resource for keeping money and time waste to a minimum, it also ensures a standardized training for everyone who goes through the course.

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More engaging marketing & brand awareness

Standing out at trade shows, events and awards can be difficult, especially when they’re sector specific. Immersive tech can offer a fantastic range of solutions, regardless of budget. From AR apps to massive shared VR experiences like our CaVRn, there are tons of solutions.

If you have a mascot, perhaps a AR mirror that passers by can interact with and take photos with. This can be fantastic for social engagement if paired with an easy to remember hashtag providing you with a great base to launch a social media campaign, for example. Or, perhaps a booth with VR headsets of 360 tours of properties on your portfolio, or maybe virtual tours of properties in their early phase of construction. The options are endless.

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